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My manifesto, the one that author/teacher Andy Hueller agreed to publish (in his name . . .) will be sold in every corner of the globe, I hear. Or at least a couple of those corners. (Yes, I know a globe doesn't actually have corners. . . .) The press release below just went out.

Minneapolis Teacher Pens Book on Writing Teens May Actually Read
 12/13/12—Springville, Utah—Minnesota-based teacher and author Andy Hueller will release his third novel, “How I Got Rich Writing C Papers,” on Jan. 8, 2013.
 Hueller, who teaches middle and high school English, admits that no student has ever asked him for help finding a book on writing essays.
“I’m pretty sure the percentage of people of any age who read for pleasure books about writing is about the same as the percentage of people who choose broccoli as a topping on their frozen yogurt,” says Hueller.
 After working with teenage students during school years and during summer breaks, Hueller watched as his students devoured action-heavy, plot-driven novels narrated by a sassy young person, such as “The Hunger Games” and “Percy Jackson” series.
 “I started writing a story about a senior in high school who made it rich writing essays for his peers,” Hueller adds. “I wondered if it could become a novel that also taught writers about voice and process.”
Hueller’s project gained life and evolved into “How I Got Rich Writing C Papers,” which is currently available for pre-order on and
 “How I Got Rich Writing C Papers” is told through the voice of Charles Remington Dremmel who divulges his business and writing secrets as he battles his classmates in his school’s annual Nerf War. The novel features action, humor and even some unrequited love. 
 Learn more about the book and author at
For more information, contact Kelly Martinez, Marketing Publicist, Cedar Fort, Inc., 801-489-4084,

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